123NET has purchased dedicated spectrum frequencies from GeoLinks in California to expand its wireless internet service offering. // Courtesy of 123NET

123NET in Southfield acquires LMDS spectrum from GeoLinks to bolster its wireless network

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123NET purchased dedicated spectrum frequencies from GeoLinks in California to expand its wireless Internet service offering. // Courtesy of 123NET

Southfield-based Internet, colocation and voice service provider 123NET has acquired dedicated spectrum frequencies (LMDS 29-31 GHz) from GeoLinks, a California-based hybrid network provider in the fixed wireless space, to expand its wireless Internet service offering. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

The FCC controls the frequencies, or spectrum, that are used to transmit data over the airwaves. This spectrum is sometimes made available to Internet service providers to provide connectivity. Acquiring spectrum from 123NET will ensure that its customers’ wireless transmissions are protected on an exclusive frequency, thus free from interference or delays.

The spectrum will provide “superior performance” and allow 123NET to serve a wider range of customers across Michigan, according to 123NET.

“Having dedicated spectrum will open a new chapter for our wireless services,” said Justin Lampman, Director of Network Operations for 123NET. “Spectrum is extremely difficult to obtain. Now that we have it, the competitive advantage we gain will benefit our customers immediately and for years to come. »

Lampman says 123NET wireless services are an ideal solution for customers looking for:

Quick setup: In almost all cases, it is much faster and more affordable to set up a client on a wireless solution compared to a wired solution. Implementation takes days, not weeks or months.

Difficult or hard-to-reach places: Wireless is free from the limitations of terrestrial communications, making it ideal for metro customers in dense urban environments, across a highway, railroad or river.

Security: The data is secure; 123NET’s wireless technology uses AES or equivalent encryption.

Redundancy: Wireless customers don’t have to worry about downtime caused by a cut cable. Wireless is often used in conjunction with fiber to provide additional redundancy for organizations that cannot afford to have data interruptions.

GeoLinks, the largest holder of LMDS spectrum in the United States, originally purchased this spectrum from Verizon as part of a package that helped GeoLink’s national expansion.

“We are delighted to select 123NET as the first recipient of our very valuable spectrum through the sale of our Detroit licenses,” said Skyler Ditchfield, co-founder and CEO of GeoLinks. “Like us, 123NET is a provider that uses fixed wireless in highly competitive dense metropolitan markets. “This acquisition will give them a competitive edge – both wireless and fiber – by enabling rapid deployment and delivery of multi-gigabit services. We look forward to seeing their company excel further in demonstrating the capabilities of fixed wireless in dense urban environments. »

Major telecom companies have spent billions of dollars securing spectrum for their 5G deployments, underscoring the value of proprietary frequencies. While it’s unusual for regional companies like 123NET to add spectrum, the jump in performance is so dramatic that the company says it decided to make a substantial investment to attract and retain customers.

“123NET is dedicated to building networks to make Michigan communities and businesses the best connected on the planet,” said Chuck Irvin, vice president of 123NET. “Achieving this goal requires near-constant investment in our network, so the opportunity to buy spectrum was just too good to pass up. We believe this will be a game changer. »