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25-year-old man’s message after being fired from Twitter is gaining internet

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According to his biography, Yash Agrawal worked with Twitter’s public policy team.

After billionaire Elon Musk took over Twitter, the social media giant’s employees were under a cloud of uncertainty about their future at the company. However, the company announced that employee layoffs are set to begin on Friday and about half of Twitter’s 7,500 employees appear set to lose their jobs, according to a report.

Some employees have already started receiving emails regarding their dismissal and posted much the same on the microblogging platform. While many are angry and heartbroken over the move, one employee who was laid off took to the platform to joyfully share the news. He said “I just got fired. Bird App, it was an absolute honor, the greatest privilege to be part of this team, this culture #LoveWhereYouWorked #LoveTwitter”

The 25-year-old was not sorry to have been made redundant, but he in turn enjoyed his time with the company. He also shared a photo of himself holding two cushions bearing the Twitter logo. It looks like the photo was taken at Twitter’s office. According to his biography, Yash Agarwal worked in the public policy team of the social media platform.

The tweet was posted a few hours ago and received over 3,300 likes and several comments. Many users appreciated his positive outlook on life and wished Mr. Agarwal good luck on his next adventure.

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One user said, “Sending lots of love! Your work has always been inspiring, I’m sure you’ll continue to do amazing things as you go.”

“This positive outlook on life is rare to see. Wishing you unparalleled success and happiness in whatever you choose to do! Best wishes for your future endeavours!” added another user.

Another user wrote, “I have never seen or read a tweet laid off with so much energy and enthusiasm. I wish you all the best and you will have a great opportunity.”

“From hobby to habit. From news source to income, Twitter has been amazing for you. Glad you were able to do it. Time for the next challenge!”

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