AI Artist Generates Renaissance-era Nike Streetwear

AI Artist Generates Renaissance-era Nike Streetwear

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WR0ng ER4 by Str4ngeThing

Artificial intelligence artist and creator Str4ngeThing imagines the contemporary NIKE clothes like digital art during the Renaissance, bordering on the galleries and the works of the Old Masters. The AI ​​artist even replaces subjects with his portraits while wearing a full Nike outfit. At first glance, it may seem out of place, but slowly viewers can see how it fits into the historical era. Talk about making things happen, and Str4ngeThing takes time travel to a new level with its touching AI-generated art fads.

pictures by Str4ngeThing | picture: JORDAN | header: TheBag (left) and ThugLord (right)

No one can know Str4ngeThing’s real name other than his immediate circle. He writes that it is a top secret with his location. It’s safe to say that it exists in the digital world, creating art online through its newfound technological power. He names his art collection ‘WR0ng ER4’, an anthology of what Nike clothing existed in the past based on the Mandela Effect conspiracy, or false memory.

Rebirth of NIKE AI by Str4ngeThing
Str4ngeThing, MY G

Haute couture in the Renaissance era

Str4ngeThing captures viewers’ attention as it attempts to twist established fates and casts Nike and its staple apparel light years before today to reinstate that these items may have always been part of the culture of a person through the ages, but only today do people take notice of them through his Renaissance masterpieces. Call it deja vu or a moment I’ve seen before, the artist and creator is ready to play with everyone’s perception.

Rebirth of NIKE AI by Str4ngeThing
Str4ngeThing, GR4Y’S

From oversized hoodies and sweatpants to dresses that look like a cardinal or pope might wear them, outfits mimic streetwear that stops people in their tracks. Bright orange, lush brown and rich green make up the palette the artist and designer chose, and the addition of Nike’s signature check is icing on the cake. Wearing these Nike AI art outfits while walking down the street can stop content creators, push their mini microphone towards the wearer’s face and ask them every possible random question, related to the outfit or trends they want splash or jump.

Rebirth of NIKE AI by Str4ngeThing
Str4ngeThing. KEEPA

AI Nike Art as a means of celebration

Str4ngeThing plays with the fire of fashion using AI photography, inspired by the Renaissance period, its colorways and architecture to the art masters of the time. His works can be considered haute couture and people seem to want the artist and designer to go out of their way to turn his photographs into real products. A commenter in one of his Instagram posts writes that he followed Str4ngeThing when he only had about 1,000 followers and returning three days later, the following reached over 7,000.

Rebirth of NIKE AI by Str4ngeThing
Str4ngeThing, BL4CK B1RD

People have taken notice of his AI-generated art, and Str4ngeThing shows no signs of slowing down. He wants to keep celebrating fashion brands as part of everyone’s culture for so long and reinvent them in different eras. For anyone who said that a fashion trend appears at the wrong time, Str4ngeThing might just prove that it’s not the fault of time, but of design.

Rebirth of NIKE AI by Str4ngeThing
Str4ngeThing, best friend

Rebirth of NIKE AI by Str4ngeThing
Str4ngeThing, hoods in the falls

Rebirth of NIKE AI by Str4ngeThing
Str4ngeThing, 0UR F4TH3R

project info:

Last name: AI art

artist: Str4ngeThing

company: Nike

Matthew Burgos | design boom

November 03, 2022

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