Artebinaria Open-Air Museum - Imaginary Museums Without Walls in Augmented Reality

Artebinaria Open-Air Museum: Imaginary Museums Without Walls In Augmented Reality

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Artebinaria Open-Air Museum is a brand new technological platform – designed, developed and organized by Artebinaria – to set up and open to the public a collection of imaginary museums in augmented reality, geolocatable anywhere in the world and visitable through the app. Open-Air Museum, available for iPhone and iPad.

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A series of outdoor exhibition spaces come to life in augmented reality, offering an unparalleled experience for art lovers, with exclusive installations that evolve over time with new proposals.

Meet Artebinaria

Artebinaria is a technology company based in Florence, Italy, founded by senior software engineer Alessandro Bemporad, operating internationally since 2019 in the field of augmented reality applied to the art world. The company develops its own solutions on Apple devices and Cloud Computing platforms.

The team is made up of software engineers and art historians, all with many years of experience in their respective professional fields.

Artebinaria believes in augmented imagination – the symbiosis of creativity, knowledge and technology.

Artebinaria open-air museum in Florence, London and Paris

The first three imaginary museums are already open at Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence, Primrose Hill (The Regent’s Park) in London and Place-Vendôme in Paris, and offer a selection of 100 masterpieces of painting from the 13th to the 20th century. century.

The selection of the artworks and the original content of the fact sheets illustrating the artworks were curated by an art historian, the artistic director of Artebinaria, Maddalena Grazzini.

How to visit the Artebinaria open-air museum

The visit to one of the open-air museums of Artebinaria is done through the Open Air Museum by Artebinaria application, which allows visitors who are in one of the geolocated places of the museum to explore the works of art in augmented reality.

Visits to the Artebinaria open-air museums are free and are offered by selected sponsors, whose logos are visible in 3D directly in the augmented reality scenes.

Each of Artebinaria’s open-air museums is organized into a series of ‘pavilions’ and ‘exhibition halls’, which over time will house new thematic exhibitions.

Inside the virtual rooms, visitors can admire the works, exhibited life-size, as if they were hung on invisible walls that do not hide their environment.

By moving through each imaginary room, visitors can admire the works from all angles. In particular, it is possible to approach a work to discover all its details or to touch a work in space to view its description sheet.

100 masterpieces in augmented reality

In this first edition, located in London, Paris and Florence, the pavilions of the open-air museum of Artebinaria are dedicated to the themes of daily life, portraits, mythology and sacred art. Inside the exhibition halls are presented 100 paintings by more than 60 great masters such as Giotto, Vermeer, Rubens, Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, Gauguin, Renoir, Degas, Monet, etc.

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Open-air museum Artebinaria in your city

With the opening of the first museums without walls in Florence, London and Paris, Artebinaria invites all art history enthusiasts to visit them, but also to propose new places for the opening of fantastic new open-air museums. in augmented reality around the world. .

Why wouldn’t you propose to Artebinaria the opening of an open-air museum in your city as well?

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