BOSS AI joins American Racing to become the pioneer of artificial intelligence in Moto2

BOSS AI joins American Racing to become the pioneer of artificial intelligence in Moto2

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Press release | November 4, 2022

The American Racing Team is very pleased to announce a multi-year agreement with BOSS AI as the team’s title sponsor, as well as a collaborator in a major artificial intelligence project to increase on-track performance.

BOSS AI is an industry leader in artificial intelligence and machine learning, focused on helping executives get the most out of their data. With extensive experience working with federal government, health sciences, finance, media and entertainment, automotive, BOSS AI is well positioned to bring AI to the motorcycle racing industry.

The American Racing x BOSS AI collaboration will create a new decision engine to help American Racing engineers make faster, real-time decisions, using historical motorcycle data from previous seasons, as well as updates. detailed weather updates. Federated Machine Learning sensors on the bike will collect real-time data for use in machine learning algorithms, meaning the American Racing Team will be able to evaluate thousands of options in seconds to make the best possible calls and increase track time efficiency. . Such technological advancements and workflow changes have now become standard in many other racing series such as F1.

Eitan Butbul, team owner: I am thrilled and incredibly excited about our new venture with BOSS AI as they both become the title sponsor and make this upcoming project possible. This is the result of the excellent partnership we had this year with Dell Technologies, which brought in BOSS AI and a successful pilot run with the team which paves the way for next year’s project. I take this opportunity to thank Russ Loignon from BOSS AI, Mei Zhou from Dell and my right-hand man and American Racing technical director, Matthieu Grodecoeur, who will lead the project.

Russ Blattner, CEO of BOSS AI: We are very excited to bring AI and machine learning to the racing world. With our unique federated machine learning solution, we can process data at the edge, which is the perfect solution to improve race results.

Matthieu Grodecoeur, American Racing Team Technical Director: We are very happy to start this new chapter with BOSS AI. In 2022, we worked on a predictive tire pressure model, which turned out to be very promising. Achieving larger-scale collaboration will open the doors to solutions for all other aspects of bike setup. As an engineer, I always look for marginal gains and use the latest cutting-edge technologies. With the bikes in Moto2 being so similar and a mere 0.1 of a second making all the difference in this class, this is a huge opportunity to improve our overall package and help our riders reach their full potential.

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