A man has been slammed for his choice of sweets after his commendable bid to find love went viral

Dad’s ‘scary’ Halloween note photo is taking the internet by storm

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Dad’s ‘scary’ Halloween note pic trying to pick up ‘hot moms’ is taking the internet by storm – but critics seemed angrier at his candy selection!

  • Man’s attempt to find a Halloween date has been described as ‘scary’
  • The man wrote a note ‘looking for a hot single mom’ and placed it with a bowl of lollipop
  • But it seems his real ‘crime’ was his selection of lollipops which offended people

A man looking for a ‘hot single mum’ has been ridiculed online after photos of the ‘scary’ note he wrote for tips or cures went viral.

“It doesn’t matter how much candy you take, but if you have a hot single mom, leave her number, love your future dad,” the man wrote in his clumsy attempt to find love.

And while thousands of people agreed the rating was “completely goofy,” it was Cassanova’s choice of lollipops that seemed the most offensive.

A man has been slammed for his choice of sweets after his commendable bid to find love went viral

The man’s bowl was filled to the brim with mini Starbursts and tiny packets of LifeSavers, an apparent red flag for any potential date (or future child).

‘Not with this selection of lollipops,’ a New Zealand woman said after the photo, believed to be from the US, ‘went global’.

“You might as well hand out raisins and pre-cut apple slices with this selection,” added another.

“With pacifiers like that I’m sure my child didn’t even read the note correctly, she would have just skipped to the house next door,” another added.

A mother wasn’t afraid to tell the man exactly where the bar should be set when he was trying to convince her ‘future children’ with sugar.

“If you’re trying to be a daddy-to-be, maybe pull out the king size or at least Reese’s,” she wrote.

“That wouldn’t work, my kids would get rid of the lollipops and the bail, better Tinder,” one mum said.

But others were thrilled by the actual attempt at dating.


What is the real crime?

  • The selection of lollipops 289 votes
  • The Spooky Note 332 votes

“Damn, I should have sent my kids,” said one woman.

While another simply commented, “Sexy single mum here looking for a hot single dad.”

Some immediately thought of their friends.

“Damn we needed this one I would have left your clearance number or not,” one woman wrote in the photo, tagging a friend.

A young woman thought of her mother.

“I didn’t see that last night, I could have had a new dad,” she laughed.

Others called the joke “old and tired”.

“We’ve been writing notes like this in the US for years, boring,” one man said.

But many insisted they were ready to give a similar ‘try’ rating next year.

“I would have better treats though, no bad taste child will be my future child.”


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