Day of the Devs shows Mina the Hollower and other indies

Day of the Devs shows Mina the Hollower and other indies

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Day of the Devs, a showcase dedicated to showcasing indie games, held a 10th anniversary showcase today. The hour-long stream highlighted several anticipated indie games, including Mina the digger, sea ​​of ​​starsand more.

This is the second stream hosted by Day of the Devs in 2022, as the organization hosted a showcase as part of Summer Game Fest in June. Today’s stream celebrated its 10th anniversary and brought announcements about games that weren’t highlighted earlier this summer.

The show kicked off with perhaps its biggest headline: Mina the digger. The Game Boy-inspired adventure game is the latest title from shovel knight Studio Yacht Club Games. Although we’ve seen footage of it in the past, this was the closest look we’ve yet had at its gameplay, reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. A notable feature here is her digging mechanic, which allows her hero, Mina, to dig under enemies to avoid damage.

The most surprising moment in the stream, however, came when legendary game developers Ken and Roberta Williams appeared to announce a full 3D remake of colossal cave, a text-based adventure game from 1976. The remake completely modernizes this classic experience by allowing players to explore a 3D space. It will also include a VR component, with a planned release on Meta Quest devices, as well as PC and Switch.

Several other eye-catching games popped up during the stream. Evolutis: Duality is an anime-inspired adventure game that features hype-violent combat, Unleashed Dead Animals is a feminist punk rock game about managing a gang of demons, and Snufking: Moonmin Valley Melody is a musical adventure set to a score by the Icelandic group Sigur Rós.

A character walks down a neon-lit cyberpunk street in Evolutis Duality.

Here is the full list of games that appeared during the showcase.

  • Mina the digger
  • Snufking: Moomin Valley Melody
  • Escape Academy: Escape the anti-escape island
  • Frog Detective 3: Corruption in Cowboy County
  • Unleashed Dead Animals
  • nil earth
  • Thirsty suitors
  • colossal cave
  • Overcome
  • Gunbrella
  • Evolutis: Duality
  • Atari 50: the anniversary collection
  • slimy hero
  • Zero Samurai
  • What is the bat?
  • sea ​​of ​​stars

As a follow-up to the celebration, Day of the Devs will host a physical event on November 5 in San Francisco. It will feature playable demos of upcoming games like Another Crab Treasure, Demonic schooland Fight Quest.

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