Fantico Names Nic Watt As Their New CEO/ Chief Executive Officer

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Nic Watt has been onboarded as the new CEO of Fantico, vertically incubated from Vistas Media Capital. Fantico is India’s first curated celebrity and fan engagement platform which pioneered collectibles of movie stars, artists, performers, film and sports stars , among other unique keepsakes. Since then, Fanatics has also ventured into custom Metaverse experiences and games.

Nic Watt has spent over 20 years working in the gaming and blockchain industry. He joined Fantico as CEO to focus on his high-level vision for the direction of the company’s products, people and technology. Previously, he held positions at Immutable as Head of Product and Innovation, at Riot Games as Senior User Experience Designer, and formed Nnooo, a video game startup.

Co-Founder Abhayanand Singh says, “Fantico is the result of a collaboration between media and entertainment and the blockchain industry. With Fantico, we aspire to build close relationships between fans, brands and celebrities to creating a thriving culture in India with a strong With Nic as the new CEO, we hope to elevate the business to new heights.

Co-founder Dhruv Saxena added, “Fantico is focused on creating a new medium for entertainment and engagement. Nic has a wealth of experience with traditional and Web3 games, which makes it fun to build towards our shared vision.

Newly appointed CEO, Nic Watt says, “Since working with Fantico, I think the platform is focused on creating a one-stop-shop for global audiences. We want it to be a place where people can easily transact with each other and gain playful benefits while playing games. On top of that, Fantico is looking forward to launching virtual reality spaces that are customizable and provide utility directly to the rest of the users. We want it to be a fun and social place where people can socialize and hang out with each other and interact with brands and intellectual property through games and experiences. It’s a very exciting time to be in the NFT space and with a good time around me, we’re sure to make it even more exciting for users.

Nic continues, “The heart of Fantico is the ‘Play to Earn’ phenomenon where unique blockchain-powered items are tied into people’s daily lives. We plan to build on the Play to Earn experiments I was running at Immutable. We’re excited to blur the lines between real-world engagement through payment platforms and brands with digital engagement through games, experiences, and social spaces.

Nic is known to have been instrumental in creating and prototyping Play to Earn systems at Immutable, where their first experience saw people in Brazil and Russia earn more than the country’s monthly national average. With Fantico, Nic hopes to better understand the wants and needs of people in India, the Middle East and Africa.

Fantico, incubated by Vistas Media Capital, is India’s first curated celebrity and fan engagement platform. It offers a platform for digitally licensed collectibles in the entertainment and arts space and an exclusive virtual experiences platform for brands and intellectual property owners to launch games and gaming experiences. . for film, sports, art, music and other valuable collectibles.

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Vistas Media Capital Pte. (VMC) is a Singapore-based fully integrated content media and entertainment investment holding company. The main activities of the company include the production and distribution of content for films and series – from India (across languages) to Hollywood, animation and special effects, games, media, OTT platforms, live entertainment events and digital media marketing. VMC also owns several intellectual properties (IP) in film festivals and film awards in Asia, such as the Singapore International Film Festival of South Asia (Sg.SAIFF) and the Singapore South Asian Film Market (SAFM) . He is also co-owner of the prestigious Critics’ Choice Film Awards (CCFA) and Critics’ Choice Short Series Awards (CCSSA) IPs, together with Group M’s Motion Content Group; Film Critics Guild of India, which is the first registered association of film critics in India.

VMC is the parent company of Vistas Media Acquisition Company Inc. (Nasdaq: VMAC) sponsor SPAC which has entered into a definitive merger agreement that will make Anghami the first Arab technology company to list on Nasdaq. VMC has a team of media and content specialists, including former banking and investment management professionals in their leadership team as well as media industry veterans across the globe, who serve on the advisory board and have successfully led businesses and media ventures across films, series and television around the world.

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