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How to monitor internet activity on your router: Mi-Inta

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The Internet puts the whole world at your fingertips. As a parent, I sometimes wonder if this is really a good thing! That’s why I’m happy to partner with Speedtechs today. The founders of this company based in Melbourne, Australia are Jonathan Shutt and Calum Anderstrem. Speedtechs develops innovative products that show users what is happening on their Internet connection as easily, intuitively and economically as possible. Mi-inta is their newest product and empowers parents around the world to illuminate online activity in their homes. It’s the perfect solution for monitoring internet activity on your router and monitoring devices connected to your WiFi.

How to spy on devices connected to my WiFi?

Ok, spying on or secretly collecting information seems a bit extreme. However, mi-inta is Speedtechs solution that solves the way to see internet activity for all devices on WiFi. In general, most people don’t know how to see what’s happening on their internet connections. Although solutions exist, they are complex and technically oriented. mi-inta solves this problem for those who care about online activity at home or in the office. It helps to identify unusual, unwanted, unauthorized or suspicious uses. It is also useful for determining the cause of overuse that affects performance and maximizes connection.

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How does mi-inta work?

Here’s the best part: mi-inta is so easy to use! Just plug it into the electrical outlet and into your router and mi-inta does the rest. You can now spy through a wifi router! Just to be silly but for real, all you need to do is download the mi-inta free app and it lets you monitor internet activity on your router. This means that you will be able to see which devices are connected to your Wifi, the bandwidth used, timestamps and URLs of websites visited. More mysteries.

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mi-inta arrives in a small box the size of your hand. Just plug it in and that’s it!

And since the app is free, there is only one time fee to purchase the mi-inta box itself, and the price is very reasonable. mi-inta operates completely autonomously and does not reference servers or other cloud resources. This ensures optimal performance (no timeouts for server responses). It also ensures complete user data security and privacy – no user data is sent to the cloud or accessed from outside the local network.

When you want to see details of your most recent home internet activity, mi-inta can show you the last minute of activity, the last 6 minutes, or the last hour. If you prefer to review the activity over the whole day, mi-inta also totals it over four 6-hour periods. mi-inta makes it easy to choose “who, what and when”.

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How is seeing what websites have been visited on my WiFi useful?

mi-inta gives you the ability to monitor internet activity on your home network or in your small business. Being able to monitor internet activity on your WiFi is potentially useful for parents of teenagers who prefer monitoring over parental controls, with the aim of enabling exploration while providing an appropriate level of parental oversight. It is potentially useful for business owners who need to be able to identify all devices on the network and ensure that traffic is related to the business.

mi-inta illuminates online activity as easily as turning on a flashlight revealing WiFi devices and websites visited in real time and at a glance. See what kids are doing on their devices and how long and when they use the internet. mi-inta can also let you see if something else (a gaming device) or someone else (a neighbor) is hogging your internet.

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With mi-inta you can see:

  • URLs of websites visited
  • Specific web pages
  • How long you spent on each website
  • The exact time of devices connected to Wi-Fi
  • The time each device spent online

mi-inta also prevents tricks that young people can use to bypass browser checks. For example, they may think they covered their tracks with Incognito Mode. No. mi-inta can still save this information so that incognito mode does not hide internet activities.

mid-inta Kickstarter

Please visit Speedtechs to learn more and learn more about the upcoming mid-inta Kickstarter campaign.

Who knew it could be so easy to see the devices connected to your Wi-Fi? Did this answer your questions about how to monitor internet activity on your router?

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