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How to Unlock Samsung Phone if Forgot Password

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Everyone is concerned about keeping their personal information secret, especially when it comes to their mobile devices. That is why modern gadgets support various screen lock options including patterns, PIN codes, numbers, face recognition, etc.

Forgetting the password to unlock the screen is one of the most common issues that any smartphone user may face. Sometimes you don’t remember your password, or maybe your kids were playing with your phone and changed it without your knowledge.

Or your phone fell from a great height, and after that your fingerprint scanner stopped working, or your front camera became blurry or broken due to damage, preventing it from scanning your face. Due to damage to your screen, your phone is unable to read your password entries.

What can you do if you have an Android phone and you can’t unlock it?

This article explains how to unlock your Samsung phone using different methods.

Let’s dive into it.

If you are unable to unlock the phone due to any of the reasons listed above, you can follow the detailed instructions for each method to unlock your Samsung phone.

1. Using Find My Mobile to Unlock Samsung Password

The Find My Mobile feature allows you to locate your mobile device. You can also unlock your Samsung mobile device remotely by visiting the Find My Mobile website.

To use this feature, you must ensure that your mobile device meets the conditions mentioned below.

  • Your Samsung mobile must be turned on.
  • Your Samsung Mobile device must have an internet connection.
  • Your Samsung account must be linked to your mobile device with the remote unlock option enabled.

If your Samsung mobile meets all the conditions, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1.

Open the browser on your PC or laptop and go to Find My Mobile official website. Log in to your Samsung account by entering your login information.

Untitled 7

2nd step.

Google will look up information about each phone associated with your account. Select the device you want to unlock if there are many devices. And then click on the unlock option.

Step 3.

Enter your Samsung account and password as instructed. The screen lock will be successfully unlocked after the verification process is completed.

If you have forgotten your Samsung account details or you have not enabled Find My Mobile on your Samsung device, you can use other methods explained in this article.

2. Use Google Account to Unlock Samsung Password

Using a Google account is another approach to bypass your Samsung device password. However, keep in mind that this solution is only available for older versions of Samsung mobile devices.

So, if you are still using an old Samsung device, you may be able to remove the password.

Follow the steps below to bypass your password using a Google account:

Step 1.

Turn on your Samsung mobile device and try different patterns on your pattern lock screen. Do it 5-6 times and you will get the forgot pattern option.

Forgot your password

2nd step.

Now choose a Google account and enter your Google account details to continue.

Step 3.

Continue by drawing a new interlocking pattern. The previous lock will be erased.

As mentioned earlier, this method will work on older versions. You can try other methods if you are using a newer version of a Samsung device.

3. Using Android Device Manager to Unlock Samsung Phone

Instead of trying random lock patterns, Google Device Manager is the best option to remove your device password. This will require your Google account details.

And a few conditions are supposed to be met to try this method which are as follows:

  • Before it locks, you must be signed in to your Google account with Find My Device enabled.
  • Location services must be enabled.
  • The mobile device must have an internet connection.

If your Samsung mobile meets all the conditions, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1.

Sign in to Android Device Manager on your laptop or other phone using your Google account.

2nd step.

Choose your phone and then click on the “Erase device” option in the left column.

Android GoogleFindMyDevice

Alt text: Selecting the Erase Device option

Step 3.

Go ahead and wait for it to delete all data from your Samsung device including your password.

If you don’t remember your Google account credentials, you can try the following method.

4. Using DroidKit to Unlock Samsung Phone without Password

DroidKit is a comprehensive toolkit that fixes almost all Android issues.

DroidKit does more than just recover lost data; it also recovers your locked or broken smartphone whether it is a pattern, numbers, password or fingerprint.

There’s no need to send your phone in the mail for days or even months to get fixed. Get a fully functional gadget in minutes. DroidKit’s unlock screen feature is supported by most common brands and up to more than 20,000 models available in the market, like Huawei, Samsung, Vivo, Google, Oppo, Xiaomi, Sony, LG, Motorola, etc., with Android Version 5 to 12. You can remove almost all types of passwords using DroidKit, including digital numbers, custom PINs, passwords, patterns, fingerprint IDs, facial recognition, etc.

You don’t have to be a technical expert to use DroidKit. DroiKit has a very basic user interface. The password can be removed in a few simple steps.

[2 Ways] How to Remove Password on Samsung Phone | Samsung Screen Unlock Tool 2022

Here is how you can use DroidKit to unlock your Samsung device:

Step 1.

Download and configure DroidKit on your PC. Connect your Android phone to your PC via a USB cable. Then select “Screen Unlocker” from the DroidKit menu and run the program. But before proceeding, keep in mind that this function can delete data.

Untitled 8

2nd step.

After following the above instructions, it will start preparing the device configuration file. Please be patient while the setup is complete.

Untitled 9

Step 3.

Once the configuration is ready, you can continue by clicking on “Remove now”.

Untitled 10

Step 4.

Select your device brand and go to the next step. DroidKit will guide you on how to enter your smartphone into recovery mode and delete the cache partition.

Untitled 11

Step 5.

As soon as Wipe Cache Partition completes, Android’s security password will be removed. It will take time, be patient.

Untitled 12

Step 6.

Your device will be restarted once the removal process is complete. You can also access your Android device without entering any password and view all your data on the device without restriction.

Untitled 13

There are many options on smartphones to keep your data private and protect your phone from unauthorized use. To unlock the device, you can use a security PIN, passcode, facial recognition, or biometric input. However, there may be times when you need to remove security from your smartphone. After reading this article, we hope these ways to unlock Android phone without password can help you a lot. Moreover, DroidKit is a one-stop solution for almost all problems, whether it’s device unlock, FBR bypass, data extraction, data recovery, etc. It is a must-have tool for Android users.

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