Internet Compares Pathaan To Saaho Calls Embarassing VFX Style

Internet compares Pathaan to Saaho, “Calls embarrassing visual effects”, “Style copied from Saaho”

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Pathaan’s teaser was released yesterday on Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday. It has taken the internet by storm. People were eagerly waiting just to see a preview of the movie. Fans created hype and buzz around the film. So far, the movie has captured the world’s attention with every update, whether it’s the title or the first look at the characters.

Well, many loved the action movie clip, while others criticized it. In a one-minute preview of the film, Shah Rukh is seen performing high-octane action stunts with a bloody look. Deepika plays the female lead while John Abraham is seen in a biker avatar firing guns as he plays the antagonist.

Netizens followed Pathaan’s VFX comparing it to Saaho with Prabhas. The internet isn’t too impressed with a few scenes that were seen in the recently released teaser. While many praise Shah Rukh Khan’s look, some are unhappy with the visual effects.

There’s a scene where SRK is flying around in a fancy jetpack, but it looked blurry, weird, and unfinished. Netizens were quick to compare it to a similar one seen in Parbhas’ 2018 film Saaho. People called that last scene better than that.

A Reddit user shared the same photo from both movies on their post and wrote in the title, “That was embarrassing. Compared to Saaho of 4 years older. A comment on the post read, “Why did they have to include this. It will be remembered and could ruin its hype. Beast has also been trolled for this type of shit. Such a useless sequence. Someone tell them modern warfare doesn’t mean people fly Jetpacks.

Another user wrote, “NGL, Pathan’s teaser felt like a Hollywood crowdfunded B-grade action movie.” Another comment read, “Vfx is embarrassing.” People also took to Twitter to criticize Pathaan’s visual effects.

The four-year-old film Saaho was trending on Twitter with over 15,000 tweets. Someone tweeted: “After watching this #PathaanTeaser, my respect on #saaho has increased 100,000 times.” Another tweet read: “The style of the credits towards the end also seemed copied from #Saaho Anything not copied from #PathaanTeaser? Very disappointed !! Why Why Why??”

Pathaan is an action spy film directed by Siddharth Anand. Starring Shah Rukh Khan, the film also stars Deepika Padukone and John Abraham. Financed by Aditya Chopra, the film is produced under the banners of Yash Raj Films. Pathan will hit theaters on next year’s Republic Day, January 25, 2023.

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