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MGM Launches Game-Changing AI-Driven Clip Locator, Allowing Marketers and Filmmakers to Quickly Source Clips

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MGM announced the launch of MGM clip locator, an innovative AI-powered solution that will allow marketers and filmmakers to quickly surface and source clips, reducing hours of research to mere minutes. MGM is the first Hollywood studio to offer this type of platform, and paired with its vast library of content, the MGM Clip Locator is a real treasure trove for those looking for clips for their creative endeavours.

Robert Marick, Executive Vice President Global Consumer Products and Experiences said, “MGM’s library is iconic, with huge demand from marketers, documentarians, filmmakers and others interested in using clips from the studio’s content. With the launch of the MGM Clip Locator, we are not only making the process easier for our customers, but also providing an innovative solution that sets a new bar for how Hollywood studios can make the process more efficient.

The MGM Clip Locator is an easy way for registered users, including brands and production companies, to search for clips in one of Hollywood’s beloved movie catalogs. The new AI-infused platform will help creatives search for specific lines of dialogue, and very soon it can be searched by objects or actions depicted in a scene. For example, if a user is looking for a series of clips that say “Hello” or feature a truck, they can simply type what they are looking for in the search bar. Within seconds, the platform will generate options that can be sorted by relevance and then refiltered by actor(s), favorite title(s) or other criteria. Once favorite clips are selected, they can be added to a cart and requested for licensed use.

MGM has partnered with Web3 pioneer Eluvio ( to expand its ML and content delivery capabilities for the MGM Clip Locator, expanding the previously announced use of blockchain of Eluvio content.

The MGM Clip Locator can be accessed through MGM’s Licensed Media and Advertising website here, which currently helps productions, advertisers, and other B2B audiences find and request stills and clips from the MGM’s vast library. With over 4,000 titles, including hit franchises like Rocky and The Addams Family, classics like The Silence of the Lambs and Thelma and Louise, plus newer titles like House of Gucci, there are endless quotes. of memorable movies and unforgettable scenes that can be licensed by brands to maximize engagement with the products they promote, as well as for filmmakers looking for the right clip to license for their documentaries, feature-length films and television series.

MGM content has been licensed by brands such as Ladbrokes for its “Rocky” campaign and by Direct Line for its “We’re On It” campaign featuring Robocop.

Visit here to register and learn more about the MGM Clip Locator.

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