My iPhone 14 Pro becomes unresponsive (video);  other iPhone screens turn off;  more iOS 16 issues arise

My iPhone 14 Pro becomes unresponsive (video); other iPhone screens turn off; more iOS 16 issues arise

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Like recently reported, several bugs seem to reach hundreds of iPhones running iOS 16, bringing back some of my worst Pixel 6 Pro memories from the early days of Google’s 2021 flagship.

Not even two weeks after the release of the detailed iOS 16 bug report, I am now starting to see some of the most annoying issues others have come across. iPhone 14 Pro unit! So the story continues…

What I called the Google virus continues to cause problems for iPhones running Apple’s latest version of iOS 16, and it’s only fair that I follow up on the original article that tried to get some attention. from Apple about the problems.

iPhone 14 Pro bug report on iOS 16. Take two. Nothing is right here…

iPhone 14 Pro freezes; screen unresponsive (requires restart)

As mentioned, I previously reported this iOS 16 bug (among others), which I’m now encountering on my own iPhone 14 Pro…

I think I was trying to unlock my iPhone 14 Pro when the device got stuck in the Spotlight search menu. I tried to quit it, but the phone wouldn’t respond to my touches. And then (as you can see) I tried again and again and again. It’s not shown in the video, but despite the iPhone not responding, it turns out it was possible to invoke the app switcher and even swipe up and down for control Notifications from the center. However, every time I tried to go “home” the iPhone would revert to the Spotlight search issue and become unresponsive to touches.

It quickly became clear that my iPhone 14 Pro needed a restart. Luckily, the hardware buttons were fully responsive, which meant I could hold power and volume down to turn the iPhone off and then back on.

Anyway, restarting helped and my iPhone 14 Pro was back to normal, but of course (and unfortunately) that’s not where the story ends.

That being said, other iPhone 14 users have also reported similar issues with Spotlight search and screen freezing. A quick search in Google and Apple’s own support community shows that such an issue (in fact, much the same) was seen in iPhone 13 Pro units running iOS 15 almost exactly a year ago when 2021 iPhones from Apple have been launched. iPhone search screen freezing issues. Again, I own the iPhone 6S, iPhone SE, iPhone 8, iPhone 13 mini, and iPhone 14 Pro, and I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve encountered such an issue. . For information, I did not receive iPhone 13 mini at launch, which could have helped…

Multiple reports of dead iPhone 13 screens, showing green screen after iOS 16 update; Twitter users complain

Maybe because I’m a million tech nerds and pages via my personal Twitter account (a mistake I need to correct), I encounter all kinds of leaks, rumors, complaints, displays of affection, and, well sure, bug reports on Elon Musk. new playground…

So a few days ago I came across a post for a dead iPhone 13 screen, which displays a solid green screen; I read the user arguments and then found out that other people had similar issues. Anyway, here’s what Akash has to say about his iPhone 13 issues:

Apple’s (reported) reaction to iPhone 13 green screen issues

According to another user (writing in the same Twitter threat), Apple replaced the screen of its iPhone 13 for free, thanks to the fact that the iPhone was within its warranty period. However, Akash doesn’t seem to have had the same luck, as his iPhone 13 first showed the “green screen in California” issue while still under warranty, but started working again until that it shuts down completely (weeks later) after Akash quits. the warranty has expired:

Apple and Google swap roles as Pixel 7 might be more reliable than iPhone 14 Pro right now; another small bug on my iPhone 14 Pro shows a lack of attention to detail

As mentioned in one of the longest stories I’ve written this year, iPhone 14 Pro caught the Google virus and several bugs hit iOS 16. Many are complaining on Twitter and other social media platforms… Of course, iPhones have always had software issues, just like anyone else. what other Android phone, but I don’t. I don’t remember they were thisstrict. Again, none of my iPhones have been so buggy to the point of no return, but if Akash’s case is anything to go by, other people might not have the same luck.

Before I go, I should also mention a bug I noticed just a few hours ago that also affects Spotlight search on my iPhone 14 Pro (Spotlight search is really starting to creep into Apple now!). Fortunately, this time the bug is purely visual.

It looks like Apple didn’t address what I would call the “shadow transition animation” of the little “Search” pill at the bottom of your home screen. You can clearly notice how when I open and exit Spotlight search, the shadow behind the pill widget appears and disappears quite abruptly. This does not happen on my iPhone 13 mini running the same software version (iOS 16.1).

So clearly, Tim Cook & Co have software and hardware bugs to iron out before the iPhone 14 or iOS 16 hits the point of reliability we’ve come to expect from the iPhone. What’s interesting is that in a few cases we have serious problems, and in others very minor imperfections. Apple is known for its meticulous attention to detail, so it’s really weird.

Last year, it was the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro that buggy everyone (and especially myself) with dozens of Bugs, and now it looks like Apple is catching up. Still not as bad as Google, but… only for now.

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