One man’s story of helping an elderly couple on their first flight

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The internet is impressed with the kind gesture.

Amitabh Shah, Inspiration Director of Yuva Unstoppable, shared a heartwarming story on his Linkedin profile that is winning hearts across the internet. Mr Shah helped a ‘clutterless’ elderly couple who were flying for the first time. The couple found a friend in Mr. Shah. Not only did he guide them, but he also bought them sandwiches during the flight.

Amitabh Shah was flying from Kanpur to Delhi and he spotted an elderly couple from a remote village in Uttar Pradesh struggling at the airport. Mr Shah said the couple had a long journey and took an eight-hour bus ride to Delhi airport and then flew to Kanpur with Mr Shah. “I saw them in the boarding area completely clueless and I could tell it was the first time and they didn’t understand English. I approached them with a smile and asked them to follow me They thought I worked for the airline,” he wrote on Linkedin.

The elderly woman then asked Mr Shah to click on a picture of her husband and herself and send it to their daughter. He wrote: “Inside the flight they were sitting right in front of me. The aunt asked me: ‘Can you please take our picture and send it to our daughter who has a phone with Whatsapp – so she knows we are safe?’ I took this photo and sent it.”

Mr Shah explained how they refused to eat despite being hungry. He then bought a paneer sandwich and juice for the two of them and did not reveal that he was paying for the food. “When the stewardess came to serve food they refused but clearly looked hungry and thirsty for hours. I told the stewardess to give them paneer sandwiches and juices fruit and telling them it was free because they were lucky customers to win a free meal. Of course I paid for it when they couldn’t see it. They just ‘smiled’ at me when we landed and went our own way.

“We should always be kind at every opportunity we have, and believe me, opportunities to be kind are all around YOU, aren’t they,” Shah concluded.

The internet loved the heartwarming story. One user wrote: “Appreciate the good gesture, really commendable for being subtle and bringing joy to people. Another interesting fact that comes out of this story is that we should be proud that air travel is experienced by all the categories of people based on the fact that the next generations are motivated to give an experience to their loved ones.This is a clear indication that slowly and steadily India is moving towards a more educated and income generating country. account, who can deny that India’s GDP is majority based on service industry? Thank you for this kind gesture which is truly reassuring in different dimensions.” Another user wrote: “Wonderful gesture… making fellow ‘Indians’ comfortable in India is the primary responsibility of all of us who can. Given the couple’s description, they must surely feel out of place despite being in their own country and amongst their “own”. It’s our job not to let them feel different. “

The third commented, “Nice gesture.”

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