Roundup: AITRICS AI sepsis prediction software licensed in South Korea and more submissions

Roundup: AITRICS AI sepsis prediction software licensed in South Korea and more submissions

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South Korea authorizes AITRICS AI software to predict patient deterioration

AI startup AITRICS has obtained clearance from the South Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for its AI monitoring solution.

The South Korean startup has developed VitalCare, an AI software that predicts a patient’s risk of cardiac arrest, sepsis and death within 4 to 6 hours in the intensive care unit. It tracks six vital parameters, 11 blood tests and other patient information to arrive at a prediction.

AITRICS is currently collaboration with Cleveland Clinic to validate the performance of VitalCare, using volumes of clinical data.

Syntekabio launches cloud service platform for AI drug discovery

South Korean biotech company Syntekabio has unveiled its cloud services platform for AI-based drug discovery.

Developed using a proprietary supercomputing infrastructure, STB Cloud helps reduce the time and cost of drug development by simplifying, standardizing and automating the process on a single platform.

The platform works with Syntekabio’s DeepMatcher, an AI-based synthetic drug candidate discovery platform, and NGS-ARS, a next-generation sequencing platform for cancer and disease analysis rare genetics.

Other Syntekabio AI platforms are also expected to be integrated into the STB Cloud, including Neo-ARS, a novel antigen prediction platform, and PGM-ARS, a multivariate biomarker prediction and discovery platform.

The global STB Cloud service is expected to launch this month, starting in the United States.

LV Prasad Eye Institute uses AI to detect eye diseases early in children

The LV Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI), an eye care network in India, has partnered with US start-up CognitiveCare to use AI in the early detection of eye diseases and adverse eye conditions in infants and toddlers. children.

In recent years, India has witnessed an increase in cases of eye diseases like retinopathy of prematurity and myopia in children. The Eye Network says “active prevention and mitigation strategies are needed to control and potentially reverse both ROP and myopia trends” in the country.

Its latest partnership will leverage CognitiveCare’s AI platform that can quantify the health risks of an individual or population before and after birth.

“We also hope that this partnership will open up [the] way to leverage AI, deep learning and advanced computer science to treat several other critical eye diseases,” said Dr. Prashant Garg, Executive Chairman of LVPEI.

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