Saudi Arabia Celebrates Halloween, Internet Gives Mixed Reaction

Saudi Arabia celebrates Halloween, internet gets mixed reactions

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People dressed as monsters took to the streets of Riyadh on Halloween.

Saudi Arabia celebrated the Halloween festival, with images on social media showing participants walking around the capital Riyadh wearing spooky costumes. The “scary weekend” was celebrated from Thursday to Sunday. This is a change from the kingdom’s previous stance where Halloween was banned until a few years ago. But, as part of its Vision 2030, celebrations were allowed. However, the celebration left social media users divided, with some appreciating the opening of the kingdom, while others condemning the move.

In 2018, several news outlets reported that Saudi police raided a Halloween party and arrested dozens of people dressed in scary outfits.

They had ordered women dressed in “strange clothes” to “cover up”.

But this year, strangely dressed people have taken to the streets of Riyadh. They were dressed as monsters, witches, bank robbers and even French maids.

“If we go back to what we were, it was not part of our customs and traditions,” said local resident Yahya al-Hazzazi. The New York Times.

“Saudi Arabia is changing,” Abdulaziz Khaled, a finance student, told the outlet.

#Weekend_horror and “costume of evil” were top trends on Twitter as the kingdom celebrated Halloween. But reactions have been mixed.

“These images were taken in Riyadh. Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, has started allowing Halloween celebrations in Saudi Arabia, in the name of ‘reformism’. This is not reformism or innovation, but rather dishonor and degeneracy. We don’t accept that.” tweeted Ramazan Izol, research writer and president of the Turkish World Youth Council.

“Saudi Arabia openly celebrating Halloween scares me extremely,” said another.

Others were happy that the kingdom was finally opening up. “Halloween in Saudi Arabia this year… SIMPLY BRILLIANT,” said one of the Twitter users.

The change began with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, now heir to the throne and prime minister, who began to take power in 2015 and began removing social restrictions.

Halloween is celebrated on October 31 every year. It’s a fun festival of spooky magic and people enjoy dressing up in ghost, ghoul and monster costumes, making pumpkin lanterns, doing tricks or treats and telling ghost stories.

Public Halloween celebrations began in the Saudi capital for the first time in 2021.

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