Stephen Fisher MD, Chief Medical Officer and Special Advisor at Chesapeake Employers Insurance Company, Joins Harvard MedTech’s Medical Advisory Board

Stephen Fisher MD, Chief Medical Officer and Special Advisor at Chesapeake Employers Insurance Company, Joins Harvard MedTech’s Medical Advisory Board

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LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Stephen Fisher MD, medical advisor to the CEO of Chesapeake Employers Insurance Company, the largest workers’ compensation insurer in the state of Maryland, has joined Harvard MedTech’s medical advisory board.

“Dr. Fisher brings extensive experience in workers’ compensation claims in both private and hospital practice,” said Gerry Stanley, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Harvard MedTech. develop strategies and policies to positively impact claims as well as the climate for broader workers’ compensation medicine and practice in Maryland.We look forward to utilizing his expertise for the benefit of workers. nationwide injuries.

Harvard MedTech is an innovative digital health company that harnesses the new science of how the brain works to lessen the effects of trauma, including pain, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders. The company’s Vx® Therapy model combines purpose-built virtual reality experiences, psychosocial support, digital engagement and proprietary AI algorithms to retrain neural pathways in the brain. The therapy has been shown to improve treatment outcomes in workers’ compensation patients and others with pain and trauma.

Dr. Fisher has served as Medical Advisor to the CEO of the Chesapeake Employers Insurance Company since 2014. Previously, he practiced treating hand and upper extremity injuries and disorders. Dr. Fisher holds an MD and a PhD in Pathology focusing on the interaction of immune factors with the brain. He completed a residency in orthopedic surgery and a fellowship in hand surgery. The issue of Rx drug over-prescription and addiction is one of the major issues his company is currently engaging with. Dr. Fisher has lectured extensively to regional and national audiences on topics ranging from opioid addiction in work-related injuries to medical management and use in workers’ compensation claims.

The goal of the Harvard MedTech Medical Advisory Board is to drive industry-wide innovation around Vx® Therapy in the treatment of occupational trauma. Vx Therapy is a disruptive approach that uses virtual reality, behavioral coaching, and artificial intelligence to alter the brain’s experience of pain, without drugs or unnecessary surgery. Each member’s specific expertise lends a particular perspective to pain management that has been determined to be of significant strategic importance as Harvard MedTech strives to make the world a better place by alleviating human suffering.

“Joining the Harvard MedTech Medical Advisory Board will allow me to address the very real epidemic of opioid addiction, as well as explore alternative treatment options for injured employees using innovative technology,” said Dr. Fisher about his appointment. “I look forward to working with other Board members to find more effective treatment options outside of opioids or procedures that can aid injured workers’ recovery and return to work.”

About Harvard MedTech and Vx® Therapy

Harvard MedTech’s proprietary platform is the first to comprehensively integrate this unique combination of digital technologies with behavioral health interventions, into a virtual application that delivers care in the patient’s home. This virtual engagement leads to better compliance, higher patient satisfaction and optimal outcomes. It is an affordable and scalable solution that can be applied at the population health level. This non-invasive, non-pharmacological approach also provides traceable data for a clear assessment of its value to patients and healthcare providers. Visit for more information.

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