Tabletop VR role-playing game hit Demeo gets hand tracking

Tabletop VR role-playing game hit Demeo gets hand tracking

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Image: Solving Games

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VR hit Demeo recently got a mixed reality mode. Now the studio has confirmed support for hand tracking.

In the turn-based tabletop role-playing game Demeo, you choose one of six character classes and explore dungeons filled with treasure and enemies, alone or with up to three friends.

On October 25, Demeo received an update for Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro that allows you to place the game board on your living room table or other surfaces. Thanks to the update passthrough, you can keep an eye on the physical environment while playing, even in color with Meta Quest Pro (see video below).

Demeo gets more mixed reality features

Coinciding with the release of Mixed Reality mode, Resolution Games announced that more Mixed Reality features are in development for the Quest platform, including hand tracking.

This would be a useful addition, after all Demeo simulates tabletop games where you manipulate cards and move your game pieces around the board with your hand.

The question is whether hand tracking technology is good enough. In Demeo, even the smallest mistakes are severely punished, and it would be quite frustrating to lose a game due to inaccurate hand tracking. Resolution Games has yet to comment on which quest headsets will support hand tracking, how exactly the feature will be implemented, or when it will be released.

What other mixed reality features could the studio refer to? In a tweet, Resolution Games apparently teased a local multiplayer. This will be made possible by a new quest interface.

According to the video, in local multiplayer, you can get together with family or friends around the same virtual game board and play Demeo together on the spot, provided of course that all players have a compatible headset. However, local multiplayer has yet to be officially confirmed.

Zwei Demeo-Spieler plays a local multiplayer version of Demeo.  Das Spielbrett ist auf einen Tisch projiziert.

The Twitter teaser hints at local mixed reality multiplayer. Note the player masks. | Image: Solving Games

Demeo: A game that grows and grows

Demeo is one of the most successful games on the Quest platform and a great example of a live service title: Since its release in May 2021, Resolution Games has added three new adventures and two new character classes for free. Another unannounced adventure and PVP mode are planned for this year. And the game supports mods which make Demeo even better.

Earlier this year, the studio expanded the game to include the so-called Heroes’ Hangout, a virtual D&D basement where people can meet Demeo fans, host games, or paint tabletop-style miniature figures together.

In April 2022, a 2D version of Demeo was also released for PC, offering cross-play with VR platforms. This lets you play Demeo with friends who don’t own a VR headset.

The VR version of Demeo is available for Quest and Pico 4, as well as for PC VR. In 2023, Demeo will also be released on Playstation 5 and Playstation VR 2.

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