The Internet Applauds This Woman For Reporting An Authorized Coworker Who Faked A 'Sprained Ankle' For 2 1/2 Weeks

The Internet Applauds This Woman For Reporting An Authorized Coworker Who Faked A ‘Sprained Ankle’ For 2 1/2 Weeks

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Recently, a woman from the Petty Revenge community shared the story of her co-worker “who always tried not to do just about every task in our store.” The author wrote that this colleague had been there for about fifteen years, “so the managers just pampered her”.

As you can imagine, this greatly irritated the other employees who just couldn’t understand the things this lady would get away with.

One day when she arrived at work, she announced to everyone that she had a sprained ankle and needed a chair now. That meant she wouldn’t be able to do half the job, if any.

After seeing her treated like a queen in her own right with her “throne” to sit on, the author had had enough and gave her the chance, debunked her lies in front of the boss.

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Bored Panda reached out to the person who shared a story about their colleague faking his injury to find out more about what happened. The author, who wished to remain anonymous, said their colleague got away with it because ‘she was ‘the queen’ and it was extremely difficult to correct her as she would publicly throw a huge tantrum’ .

The person thinks the managers feared she would sue the company if they fired her. “She had been around for so long that it was easier to give in to her outrageous antics than to correct her. She mistakenly performed that stunt well past its expiration date!

After the cascade of injuries, the person said all the staff laughed at her behind her back, “hence the nickname the queen and referring to her chair as a ‘throne’.”

Later the author shared some more details about the whole story

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In addition, the lady created more work for everyone, “so of course the colleagues were livid.” The author who shared this story on Reddit continued, “She was calling us from the front of the store to get her drinks, food, magazines, etc. because she was thirsty, hungry or bored. She wouldn’t even do small tasks from her throne! It wasn’t our place to confront her with her fake injury, so we tried to ignore her as much as possible.

Additionally, “the manager was in contact with HR at the corporate level, who advised her to just ‘get out’ because she would end up exposing herself and they would then be in a better position to initiate corrective action.”

The author also added that many reviewers seemed upset that cashiers weren’t allowed to sit on chairs, but according to them, that wasn’t the real issue here. “His deceit and horrible work ethic was the problem! She deliberately and selfishly increased our workload and made it much more difficult to accomplish.

Many people found it quite weird that employees weren’t allowed to sit at work, but the author explained it in the comments

More reactions and stories from people followed

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