The internet is thirsty for Tyler James Williams (and his freestyle)

The internet is thirsty for Tyler James Williams (and his freestyle)

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Alright, I’ll say it: the public lust for Tyler James Williams is real. And thanks to the actor’s recent freestyle, the internet craze for Williams is only getting stronger.

While on Sway Calloway Swing in the morning on November 2, Williams dropped a few bars during a one-minute freestyle to Glorilla’s “FNF” beat. Naturally, with an actor rapping on a platform where top hosts unleash their freestyle, the video was quick to make the rounds on social media.

The internet’s verdict? People crave the rapper even more after his fire bars.

While internet excitement is nothing new to him, neither is his rapping skills. In fact, he freestyled on the Sway show in 2012.

In light of the recent video, many users also brought up Disney’s let it shine, in which Williams played Cyrus, a choirmaster who secretly wrote raps.

I mean, how could we forget the film’s iconic “Moment of Truth” rap battle between Williams’ character and Bling?

Williams started out as a child actor, appearing on shows like small bill and sesame street. He quickly rose to fame in the Chris Rock sitcom Everybody Hates Chriswhere Williams portrays Rock in his youth.

After the show, Williams landed gigs at other shows, like Criminal minds and The Walking Dead. To this day, I’m still undecided about his Walking Dead character’s death (justice for Noah).

Williams currently stars as Gregory in the Emmy-winning series Abbott Elementary Schoolwhich essentially kickstarted the internet’s love affair with the actor.

Gregory, played by Williams, is a stand-in who became a full-time teacher and is embroiled in a slow-burning romance with the show’s main character, Janine Teagues (we Jegory fans have been waiting a long time for some action from these two there).

But what makes social media users crazy about Gregory and therefore Williams? The deep, soothing voice? Toned physique? The desire to be watched by Williams as he does for Janine on Abbott? It’s all of the above and I think Williams lovers would agree.

Everyone may have hated Chris, but the ladies love Williams (in fact, they want him on NSFW levels). Like it or not, Tyler James Williams’ agenda is in full force, and the internet is making sure it stays that way.

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