The Internet's New Boyfriend Showed His True Colors in HotD Finale

The Internet’s New Boyfriend Showed His True Colors in HotD Finale

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Daemon Targaryen aka “Daddy Daemon” is definitely one of the most popular House of the Dragon characters among fans right now.

Strong writing and an excellent performance from Matt Smith made him likable, even likable, despite a number of dark deeds, including multiple politically motivated murders and his incestuous relationship with his much younger niece, Rhaenyra.

The latter is usually excused as normal for the Targaryen dynasty – which, to be fair, King Viserys raged against Daemon only because he perceived Daemon’s alleged seduction of Rhaenyra as a power play, she was the designated heiress to the throne, after all – and other acts of evil have long been ruled out. Particularly by those who unironically considered Daemon and Rhaenyra the best pair in the series.

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But the Season 1 finale demonstrates that a dream boyfriend, who is violent and ruthless to everyone but his bellows is just that, a dream.

Granted, at first Daemon acts like the only sane person on Rhaenyra’s side, he’s right that a war is inevitable. He’s right that Rhaenyra acts like she’s a queen, and at the same time, even considering peace talks with people who’ve crowned their own king is inept.

And he is obviously right to reject the opposing side’s peace proposal out of hand, because that proposal was tantamount to giving up the legal basis that Rhaenyra’s supporters had and providing hostages in exchange for allowing them to keep what they already de facto held in their hands. . In fact, Rhaenyra also rejects the proposal at first, before falling into a cheap emotional lure.

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Sure, Daemon speaks in a rude and confrontational way, but his overall stance is essentially right, given the circumstances.

But then, as Daemon and Rhaenyra argue one-on-one, Daemon learns of the prophecies that Viserys shared with Rhaenyra, when he made her the heiress, and never shared with Daemon. The double whammy of not being able to step out of his older brother’s shadow, even when Viserys is already in the grave, and learning that his brother never considered him a possible successor, cracks Daemon.

He smothers Rhaenyra – who, it should be noted, had a stillborn that morning – by fuming about how her brother “was a slave to his omens and omens”, before releasing her and stalking her. remove. Apparently Viserys was right after all.

Daemon certainly has feelings for Rhaenyra, just as he had enough feelings for his brother to never consider impersonation, but his raging passions and propensity for violence ensure he’s not a man you want. entrust your kingdom or your daughter.

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