TIFIN launches new AI-powered tool focused on customer personalization

TIFIN launches new AI-powered tool focused on customer personalization

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TIFIN’s Wealth Management division launched a new offering this week that aims to personalize the wealth management client experience through next-generation technology.

Billed as a “one-of-a-kind platform for customer personalization”, Wealth TIFIN leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science to meet the demands of investors who expect frictionless, tailored experiences when it comes time to manage their business.

The software integrates over a dozen tools focused on personalizing client engagement and delivering actionable recommendations to consulting firms looking to grow. The platform also aims to answer questions from wealth managers, such as which clients to focus on and the most effective way to personalize.

Company executives believe the announcement is a big step towards providing access to the kind of AI-powered personalization typically found on other major consumer and e-commerce platforms for corporations. of advice.

“We are excited to bring TIFIN Wealth to market,” said Niharika Shah, Chief Growth Officer of TIFIN Wealth, in a statement. “The wealth management industry can now harness the power of personalization and real-time intelligence to drive growth similar to that of consumer-focused platforms.

“We believe this platform is an important step in advancing the industry’s focus on customer centricity in a modern way.”

The minds behind TIFIN Wealth say advisors can build stronger client profiles by analyzing data and behavior. The platform’s built-in investment algorithms provide actionable recommendations at different stages of wealth, and automation tools facilitate ongoing communication with prospects and clients.

TIFIN Wealth also provides AI-backed tools for personal investment proposals, financial microplans, risk assessments, financial personality discovery, private market investing, and digital charitable giving.

“Modern personalization is a proven approach to engaging users and driving growth results. We know this from e-commerce platforms. TIFIN Wealth is now bringing this to the world of wealth management.” Vinay Nair, founder and CEO of TIFIN, said in a statement. “We invite businesses to partner with us and leverage our wealth, investment and artificial intelligence expertise for better client outcomes.”

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