Univision Orlando debuts set that blends video panels, scenery in a refreshing way

Univision Orlando debuts set that blends video panels, scenery in a refreshing way

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WVEN, which carries the Univision Orlando brand on-air, launched a clean, modern new set that combines multiple on-set video panels with metallic finishes and soft backlit backdrops.

The design is dominated by pleasingly simple backlit walls featuring a variety of monochromatic patterns ranging from the Univision logo to circular accents and oversized letters, as well as various gray and metallic elements that use varying levels of sheen.

Most of the main area of ​​the fairly compact set uses a low wall with built-in lighting and various shades of gray and metallic finishes installed along the floor.

There’s an angular anchor desk built from a lightbox camera on the left, integrated LED video panels, and a super bright element camera on the left with a matte further along, as well as an internally lit strip along the top just below the desktop surface, which appears as a glossy off-white.

The space has several video panels that can be used as backgrounds or to display themed and branded graphics.

Video panels are available in several formats and sizes, although they all have a consistent metallic silver frame.

In some ways, WVEN seems to have opted for more video display setups rather than the larger arrays that often fill most of the background. This strategy could have maximized the station’s budget while allowing it to present a mix of digital canvases and harsh scenes, which brings depth and texture to the shots.


These are usually placed in front of the backlit wall with support elements. These vary from two differently sized solid gray units to two identical internally lit columns or a single solid with rectangular hole punch accents.

There’s also an area mostly used by weathering, which features a taller knee wall with a large shiny strip and multiple interior-lit reveal lines, giving the space a bit more of a structural feel and feel. high technology.

It also has two horizontal video panels and a single vertical panel that can be combined in different ways to showcase forecasts and show live streams from across the region.

Most of the spaces are devoid of any permanent branding graphics beyond the Univision logo, which could allow each site to serve multiple purposes and be used by different franchises or types of segments.

WVEN is licensed in Melbourne, Florida, but serves the greater Orlando area. It is owned by TelevisaUnivision, the parent company of Univision.

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